Where can I get a UOA?

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Jan 11, 2004
Where can I get a UOA how much are they? What I would like to do is compare the Motorcraft 5W-20(factory fill) currently in my truck to Mobil 1 0W-20(I am going to change to) and run for 4500-5000 miles or 6 months. I want to see if its worth it to change oils for my truck with my driving habits. Am I on the right track or is this a dumb idea? My truck is an 03 Ford Lightning with a 5.4L Super Charged.
Blackstone Labs could do one for you. They are listed on the main page of this site under supporters. The UOA of the factory fill wouldn't hurt but it will have much more wear metals do to the new engine and comparing it to a later UOA with another oil is kinda like apples to oranges. With a truck that cost that much money why not use a premium oil anyways, especially if you drive that SC 5.4 hard. UOA's will help back up your suspicions about what oil works better for your truck.
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