Where are you guys buying Valvoline Synpower oil treatment

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Nov 14, 2003
I looked at a couple of autoparts stores but no one had it. Any other big chains sell it?
I haven't seen it at my Walmart, but Pep Boys, Auto Zone, and Murrays have it. Maybe you can mail order it through the net, or ask your Pep boys to order a case for you.
AZ is the only one to have it in my area. None at WM, AA, PB, KM, or NAPA ..and that's all there is around here.
all i can find is the max life engine protector, which looks similar to the syn oil treatment with regards to its composition. Can I use this in my Mobil one EP (tacoma)? and in my wifes (Focus)amsoil XL7500? I read on here that some people have cut wear rates down 50% with the syn oil treatment, I figured I may as well try the 1oz/qt of the Maxlife Engine protector. My wear numbers on my Tacoma were not that great in the past. I use my truck for some hauling, mobil one is thin, and its getting pretty hot here for the summer so I thought it may be ok to use. Any opinions?
If you look at the VOAs on this site the Synpower looks much better than the Maxlife stuff. Not to say the Maxlife is no good (check the VOA). In fact I have some in my pickup right now, but that was only because I already had a bottle; otherwise I would have run the Synpower. I found two websites that sell Synpower Oil Treatment (no prices listed): Uptown Auto Parts Beware, they also sell Synpower Engine Treatment, which is a different product. Farrell Oil Products Maybe you can do a better search. Seems there should be more. [ July 04, 2005, 07:59 PM: Message edited by: TallPaul ]
cool, thanks Paul. So do you guys think its ok to add the maxlife engine treatment until I can get a case of the synpower?
Interestingly, I can't find VSOT around here now. Hope they haven't DC'd it! The VOA's persuaded me to buy the last two bottles I saw at Schuck's...
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