When (Year) did you do your first oil change?

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My father used to have me change his oil on his cars in the late 80s early 90s. I was 13 when I did my first oil change. 15 my first brake job (I was scared of the drun brakes when I first saw them but they managed to work when I was done!) Did my own maintenance until I hit 30. At that point I had no family and more money than time so I just paid people to do the work. Now I'm almost 40, have a family, and do my own maintenance again. Kids are freaking expensive.
Alone? 1986 on my 74 Plymouth Volare 225. With Dad, "helping" him"? 1972 on the Chevrolet station wagon.
I was 16 and had a 62 pontiac catalina. Used straght 10W oil cause it was the middle of the winter. This was in 1976.
Hmm, I'd guess 1990-1991, on the parent's '87 Astrovan, and I would have been 13-14. If not then then certainly in '93 or so on my first vehicle. Oddly enough, I'd say dad let me use the chainsaw before this particular task.
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2006 On a 1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L The oil filter was on so tight, i had to hammer a screw driver through it to twist it off. Great first experience.
Same with my '95 Neon! But it wasn't my first oil change, that was around 1987 on a 1972 Plymouth Duster, 225cid slant-6 with a three on the tree. Every car, every time since.
My first "on my own" oil change was in 1959. I changed the oil in my mom's 1953 Oldsmobile. One of the perks of growing up with a dad who was a Gulf dealer. smile
September of 1995. Was my first real job and it was at lube place. The car was a Pontiac Sunfire. After that I started doing my own and family and friend's cars. Never stopped. Always pick up oil when I see it discounted.
My first oil change was on my 1978 Horizon back in 1985. I must have checked the oil 10 times in the first 1000 miles. Right before the first time I ran a VOA. Thereafter they were all UOA's grin
Memory is fuzzy on this. Must have been about 1979 on the V8 Vega that my brother and I built. Or maybe 1976 on the V6 Vega that my dad built with help from my brother and I. But definitely by 1981 on the regular Vega that I had as a go-to-college car. Our family had a thing for Vega's.
Age 12, my father gave me a rusty frame, a motor and a bushel basket of parts for my birthday. 6 weeks later it was a Sears/Cushman 4hp scooter. Used 30wt HD from my dads barrel. Think it was Shaffer's. Wayne 1949
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