when will mobil 1 update their website?

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Oct 9, 2002
Its been a couple months since 0w20 has been out, yet when you click on the grades of oil(not the msds sheets) they start at 0w30. Any reason they won't update?
Very brief specs are listed on the Mobil 1 website under data sheets. It is not listed in the viscosity list on the left hand side of the page in the data sheets. Just click on data sheets and look in the middle of the table. If you enter "Mobil 1 0W20" in Google it will take you to a website (might be Mobil UK) with an "official Mobil" full-page spread on 0W20. PS Castrol has debuted a 0W20 version of SLX "Castrol Formula SLX mit sensationeller-Viskosität www.castrol.ch
My guess is they're waiting until the product is fully distributed, including Canada and possible other countries, before they fully put it into their website product listing.
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