When to take first sample

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Jul 17, 2004
I received my first sample kit from Blackstone lab. Now when should I sample. First I have a 02 Silverado Ext. 4X4 with 4.8 motor,3.73 locker,Flowmaster,Cold Airintake,Superchip. 40,000 on motor. Truck is used for towing a 6,000 lbs camper each month. No problems,no piston slap runs just fine. Right now I have about 4,000 miles on 10-30 Redline Oil, should I sample now or wait until about 7,000 miles. Thanks Dave
I'm going to go out on a limb based on what I have read. Every motor is different so you should sample soon. Once you establish a good inteval, sampling all the frequent should not be that neccesary--just be sure to use the same oil because if you switch the interval may change. Also, if you are using a K&N cotton gauze filter, you might want to be careful on running extended drains, as they let more dirt pass through that conventional paper filters do. They do flow better though. Anyone else on this matter?
Question, If I sample now how can I keep the mess down when removing drain plug, without draining all of my oil out now. Thanks Dave
Yeah, I'd recommend spending the $20 or less to get a sample extractor. It makes the process ridiculously easy and clean. With the one Blackstone sells, you screw the sample bottle right on to the extractor and it "autofills" before your eyes with one or two cycles of the pump handle.
I say drain at whatever interval you've been using and sample at that time. That will give you a good idea whether to shorten, extend (if you so desire) or stay right on course. If the truck is running great with no slap, consumption or other problems why change what you've been doing just for the sake of starting to sample? Especially with a stout and expensive oil like RL 10w-30 in there. My .02
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