When to switch to syn with a new car?

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May 16, 2003
Toronto, Canada
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie! I recently purchased a G35 Sedan with a 3.5 VQ series engine. I'd like to switch over to a synthetic oil, but I'd like some opinions as to when? Dealer recommends first oil change at about 1200-1400 kms, should I continue with more dino oil for proper breakin? I'm considering Mobil 1 5W-30 when the time comes or even Amsoil if its reasonably priced. Car is not daily driven, but will be run hard through all gears very frequently:) Not looking for extended oil intervals, but excellent protection and freeing up some hp! Thanks [Canada] ps. GTA members please post dealers for Amsoil as M1 can be had at the local Walmart.
Originally posted by STAR: ps. GTA members please post dealers for Amsoil as M1 can be had at the local Walmart.
You can order Amsoil through M Sparks here on the site, and then pick it up at the warehouse, which is located on Drew Road near Pearson Airport. I would recommend going to about 5000km and then switch to synthetic then. You're probably safe to go sooner, but I always like to do about 2 or 3 changes on new cars before the 5000km mark.
Thanks everyone! Will continue with dino oil for one more change and then switch over. Should I use 10W-30 for the summer and 5W-30 for winter seasons? Also, will use factory oil filter unless there's a better option. Thanks
I guess it's best to err on the side of being conservative. But I would just switch to the synthetic. I think there is little if any difference between the two in terms of oil properties that would affect ring seating. The difference between syn and non syn is mainly better flow characteristics at low temps, better resistance to heat and extended oil life.. I would go with the 10W stuff if the temperatures are above 0 C. for you in Toronto.
Having owned a couple of Maximas (same basic engien) over the last few years I say at the first oil change to switch it over. As to weight, what does the manual recommend. Mine were 10W but this may have changed in last year or so.
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