When to sample....what kms/mi ?

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Feb 15, 2005
Thunder Bay, Ont, Canada

I have a 98 Hyundai Tiburon.

Running GC.
Installed at 152000 kms.
Present mileage 155555 kms.
[3555 kms / 2208 mi]

Comments so far...
One thing I noticed from M1 0w-20 to M1 0w-30 to GC is with the present mileage on the GC oil, the consumption reduced to nil.
With the M1 20 having the quickest level drop & M1 30 slight better, the engine was slurpin up the oil about 1 liter per 8000kms.
With the GC right now, the level on the dipstick has not hardly moved in 3500+kms.

When/what mileage should I remove a sample?
Do I need to send Virgin oil sample?

I will be sending to fluid life Canada.
[I can send my samples in disguised as a company vehicle sample] he he he

Joey, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you want to see how the metals increase with mileage, you can be taking samples every 1K miles, kind of like 3MP did in his oil study. Otherwise, if you just want to see what's safe interval on this oil, then I'd probably take it to 5K miles, draw a sample, have it analyzed to see if the oil is suitable for continued use and act accordingly.

VOA is not necessary I'd say, unless you want to figure out if the stuff you got is the old GC (green) or the new GC (gold), but I guess you could determine that by pouring some of the stuff into a glass, too.
im also interested in when to send in a sample. I was wantin to run some of the gold GC (when I can find it) paired with a K&N oil filter in my 04 Si for 5K miles so we can have another VOA of the Gold stuff on the boards. 5K sound about right?
Thanks all for advice. Im just looking for safe summer time oci. I run about 800kms/week back n forth to work, not including leisure travel...I can rack the mileage up quickly.

Umm, I have a hoard of the green stuff and try to pick up what's left at the local Canadian tire stores.
Some Cajun rubber stores are out of green and are now stocking the gold.

Im curious to why some are calling the gold stuff "GC" when on the containers I see do not say "Made in das Chermany"
Umm i guess i might be "mr. picky" here
Tdimaniac says: running green or gold GC.

I figured it would be:running green gc or gold.
Meaning I did not know there was such a thing as Gold GC.
Rev440 says :

> Im curious to why some are calling the gold
> stuff "GC" when on the containers I see do not
> say "Made in das Chermany"

Because GC (Made in Germany Castrol 0W30) can be gold or green in color, depending on the production date. There is also a US made Castrol 0W30 that is gold in color. Search the archives for more information, it has been discussed at length.


rev: gold gc has date code M0502xxxxxxxx (or later, though not sure if anyone has seen a later code than 0507 though). i am running my first gold M0507 gc in a '94 ford ranger 4.0L, so i was curious if you had green or gold. saving my stash of 50 something bottles of green gc for our german made passat & the inlaw's audi allroad!
@RichD, Using the search engine here is a dose. I've been using internet forums before search engines were an option back in early 90's; Never seen one this cumbersome.

@tdi, Regarding 502 or 507, I have all 502 green. At the particular store I found that carries it I asked a shelf stocker technician, heh heh...he said they have cases of the green stuff left over.
The other stores carry the US stuff, I've gone and taken the tops off of a few bottles.

I've seen those numbers 502, 50xx fly around in conversations here however I did not pay attention to the particular details in those discussions.

I've been only going by "If its green its german, if its not green, its not german."
Now I know otherwise.

Thanky much

Originally posted by Rev440:
The other stores carry the US stuff, I've gone and taken the tops off of a few bottles.

You don't have to take the tops off to tell the German oil from the American stuff.
You just have to look at the back of the bottle where it specifically states were the oil was made. It's clearly visible in the previous post pictures just above the bar code.
A bottle of GC must have a "Made in Germany" line on it.
If it doesn't then it's not GC.
I never check all bottles for the 5XX numbers on bottom because I am more apt to check "Made in Germany". I do this for every single one before I walk away from the shelf.

Kind thanks...
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