When to do oil change on 2019 Accord with 1700 miles.

Decatur AL USA
I'm with the change early unless the manufacturer says not to. Honda wants you to leave it in at least 5,000 mi or one year after purchase (Part of specified Dealer Prep is resetting OLM before delivery to customer).

If you must change it early use Idemitsu for the high moly.

The assembly lube during break-in is not a new thing but neither is early changes. GM used to require an initial early change with an included bottle of liquid assembly lube on replacement engines. I believe they still do a break-in cycle on dyno rollers at the end of the assembly line where they check for function of components and leaks. A least they did about 10 years ago at the Corvette Plant. This may be why the replacement engine instructions differed from the original.
I'd go no less than half the recommended OCI. Back when I did 3K mile OCI's I'd go 3K on new engines. Since I've increased to longer intervals I haven't bought a new car but if I did I would probably let it go 5K miles. Removing contaminants is the function of the oil filter.