When the paint obviously doesn't match and a dealer is trying to sell it...

Dec 8, 2006
When you can even see in the picture that the paint doesn't match, and the body shop wasn't capable of getting the emblems on the door and fender back in the correct spot....

What a dead giveaway that a vehicle has been wrecked.

And no huge surprise... it's an ex-rental with 60,000 easy miles on it. At least the CarFax does show that it has been wrecked (as if there was any doubt...)

Agree! It's a used truck that's been in an accident and at least the Carfax reflects that. And in this case it's easy to see where the damage was. Don't see where there is an issue- as stated previously...it is what it is.
I saw a Honda Odyssey at the dealer that had an odometer rollback/discrepancy on the carfax that they had available on their website. But it was still advertised as having the low miles.
What a dead giveaway that a vehicle has been wrecked.
HUH? Many reasons there may be new paint on a car and not because it was wrecked. If you're saying the rear door is a little lighter than the rest of the body, any dealer with half a brain can use a Photoshop program to blend the shade of a newly painted panel to the adjacent ones so it looks uniform in the pictures. How about this?

I traded in my last truck towards my then new 2017 GMC. It was a 2003 F150 XLT. My son had been in an accident with it while in college. His fault. Needed and got a front clip at a very reputable body shop. My insurance covered the repair. It was done well. The dealer that took it in for trade put the F150 on their used car lot with a “clean” Carfax. At least you know the score with that Ram.
It may just suggest that sheet metal was replaced and no structural damage occured which is no big deal.