When should I change factory fill?

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Jan 26, 2004
My 2004 Toyota Tacoma 3.4 has 2,500 mile on it. I wanted to wait untill 5,000 miles to service it but Im a mechanic and its hard to break old habits! Should I just do it at 3,000 miles or wait untill 5k? The truck is driven everyday about 15-20 miles in a mix of highway and light traffic. and since my wife drives it, the a/c is always on. I will be using Toyota filters and mobil1 5w30. (only because M1 is in every store
in my town, even the Giant and Safeway)
Do whatever you are comfortable with. Either way you won't be putting bad omens in your engine.

some people say it is taboo to take out the "break-in" oil from teh factory b/c it has a lot of Moly.

people like me like to change the filter and oil several times before the 5,000 mile scheduled OCI.

The only advice I can give is to use a quality oil and change it out every 3,000 (Organic) or 5,000 (PAO) or 10-15,000 miles for a Polyol Ester based oil (i.e. Red Line).

The cheapest insurance is an oil and filter change.
The concensus on this board is that the factory fill is Mobil Drive Clean, so you could just drain and refill with that if you were so inclined.
I have always done my first oil change at half the recommended OCI, then at the regular OCI after that. So if your Toy calls for a 5000 mile OCI, I would change it at 2500, then at 5000 and every 5000 after that. My 2 cents.
Dealer changed my 2004 Toyota 4.7 V8 at 1800 miles and then again at 5000 miles. Toyota does not use break-in oil. I'm with you I don't know if it helps but it made me feel better. Do it!!! I use Castrol GTX 5w30 and will change it every 3750 miles with OEM filter. I will go to Mobil 1 later just because while under warranty I like to have the dealer do the service, quick, easy, cheap and any problems are covered and no conflict on who did what. When I start doing the changes I also would use the Mobil 1. Good luck.
I couldn't wait! I changed it today with 2,519 miles on factory oil. I replaced it with a Toyota filter and 5.5 qts. of Mobil1 5w30. I plan on doing the next service at 7,500 but we'll
see what happens.
I have a 02 Toyota Tacoma V6 that I bought new and changed the oil at 500 miles on toyota dino oil/filer. At 2000 miles I went to M1 5W30 and a few changes thereafter. Here are the changes currently at 25K on my truck. It's never used a drop of oil. And it seems to love the GC 0W30.

I've used a 5-7K OCI since I abuse the oil in hot, stop-go, desert traffic. I should get a UOA on this current batch of GC.

500 miles Toyota Dino Oil/Filter
2K miles M1 5W30/Filter
7K miles M1 5W30/Filter
12K miles M1 5W30/Filter
17K miles Delvac 1 5W40
24K miles German Castrol 0W30
The warranty on my 2002 Toyota said If I didn't bring it in for a change at 1000 km plus or minus something like 50 km, I voided my warranty. I got there at 1020 km with my own Delo.
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