When I hit the big oil well...

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Dec 1, 2002
Michigan, USA
...and build my refinery and additives plant, I'm gonna do it all perfectly so I can name my oil: 'PERFECT OIL' This will be so we don't have to discuss anymore about who's oil is 'BEST'!!! [Eek!] [Wink] And to this I will build a plant that builds: 'PERFECT OIL FILTERS', so we can eliminate the oil filter stuff too. [Smile] Will you guyz buy my line of 'PERFECT PRODUCTS'? I just feel humourous today, there is no such thing as PERFECT, non the less, fun to read opinions! Good Forum. Peace! HInk [Patriot] [Cool] [ April 22, 2003, 06:07 PM: Message edited by: Redbird ]
Kevin, even if you took those factors away from us, we'd still try to discuss the PERFECT oil change interval, the PERFECT method for changing our oil, and would strive to have the most PERFECT oil analysis report on here. We're oil nuts, and there is no cure for that. [Razz] PS, you bringing the Red Bird to St.Thomas this summer for any of the Toronto f-body drag races? First one is May 31st! Be there ya old punk! [Big Grin]
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