When fate dictates your OCI...

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Apr 10, 2016
Campbellsville, KY
Yesterday my brother-in-law was headed East on I-64 through Illinois in his 260,000-mile '03 Beetle TDI, following his dad in a '93 K2500 Chevy. The ratchet assy. was laying in the shadow of an overpass - the truck straddled it, Buggy didn't. They found an oil pan at the Napa distribution center in Mt. Vernon and his brother came fom central MO to get them, took the car back to his shop, and 24 hours later they're headed home again.
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I'm sorry, I dont' understand how your thread topic relates to the broken oil pan story. Please elaborate...
When you have to change your oil because the pan was destroyed by an object in the road, then fate has chosen your OCI... That's what he was trying to say Hope the beetle engine didn't run too long with zero pressure!
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Yes, that. ^ Ha! True - looks like the strap's still in decent shape. And I think he's sharp enough to 1. pull over immediately and 2. shut it down as soon as he sees a massive puddle of oil.
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Looks like finders keepers on a nice heavy duty strap
Looks frayed and ripped from the photo. In which case certainly not good to use for a rated lift or pull.
It'll still make a dandy tow strap for non-road use. YES I know woven straps are quite dangerous when they snap. That doesn't mean I discard mine the first time they sprout a thread.
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"Found" one recently (didn't break anything on the car but bent the ratchet handle going over it, or maybe it was already bent). Its very greasy though. Might try boiling it. What sort of weight will these things safely lift? I might need to do a clutch replacement soon.
Glad to hear him and the vehicle are both back on the road. My buddy had a similar incident with a piece of exhaust pipe, it took out the trans cooler line running to the radiator on his Grand Cherokee. According to him it barely made an audible sound when it struck underneath the vehicle. He was smart enough to pull over at the next exit and do a walk around. He saw it pouring red fluid from underneath.
Fell off an 18 wheeler. You can see the hole where they tighten it. Probably had it on the truck and forgot to latch it to the trailer
Reminds one time with my grandfather on a "Sunday Drive" in his land yacht 1973 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and him running over what he thought was just a brown paper bag in the middle of the road. Well it was not and what it was turned out to be a big landscaping boulder laying the road. Knocked a hole in the side of the tranny and it was toast after that.
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