When can I use GC in my G35?

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Apr 12, 2005
Los Angeles
I have a 2003 Infiniti G35 with 6,700 miles (weekend only car). I've searched the forum and it appears that the Nissan VQ35DE engine does well on GC, but I've also been told to stick with dino oil (currently Castrol GTX 5W30) until ~12,000 miles. I know that a Blackstone analysis would tell me a great deal about the amount of break-in metals present, but does anyone know if the caveat to stick with dino until 12K is an old wives tale or good advice?

Also, since I drive this car so few miles per month, I wonder if I should schedule my OCIs based on time rather than mileage.

Thanks for your help.
Sounds like a good car for Dino!
Yea with the VQ35DE you should keep it on dino until 20k because otherwise it will build up high numbers of silicone, they'll wear off eventually but its best to wait 20k.

By the way thats a great engine i got its predecssor in my 98 I30 and the same engine in my Qx4
I have a 04 G35 and everything I've read points to using dino till 10K miles. That's my plan, too. Use Castrol GTX till 10K miles, then switch to GC (pending good 05 batch UOAs) or M1 0W-40. Hope this helps.
if you want more info about why to wait till 20k try maxima.org in the fluid and lubes section, they got UOAs showing why
I'm also going to switch to GC at 10k miles. Everything I've read points to 10k or later as the best time to switch, and after breakin GC looks like the perfect oil to use in the VQ35DE (and many others
Thanks to all who posted informative replies. The Maxima site was especially helpful. It appears that the critical factor for modern motor oil is the number of hours it's in use, not the length of time it remains in the crankcase. So I'm going to stick with an OCI of 2500 to 3000 miles. At the rate I accumulate miles on the "G" it's going to be a while before it gets to taste the magical green elixir. I think I'll try it in my '97 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0L (78,000 miles) at the next change. No sense having all that GC around (62 qts.) if I can't use it!
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