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The worst ever stuck wheel was a steel wheel on the back of a 1999 Ford Crown Vic. The wheel would not come off for anything. Wood block, 2 lb hammer, 4 lb hammer, sledge hammer, loosening all the lugs and driving back and forth. Heat. Heat and the hammers. Nothing, until a strap around the wheel and a quick jerk with my truck.. definitely do NOT do this at home!! It came off with damage to be sure. 😳

Now I regularly remove and rotate the wheels to prevent such seizures… wild.
South Carolina
This is what I am afraid of... The weird thing is the car has approx. 38k miles on it and I have rotated tires every 7500ish miles with out issue. Not sure why all the sudden it felt like this was the time to corrode. Either way, I did not have fun trying to pry these painted "appearance package" wheels off the hubs, so if I can prevent it, I want to! Thank you all for the feedback/help.
If you practice Tae Kwon Do, a back kick to the top portion of the tire will knock it free. Hasn't failed me yet!
After dealing with so many wheels stuck on the hubs I made a battering ram from a landscape timber and a couple wheels. With the tire lifted a little, you can ram the tire on the backside rolling it under the car from the opposite side, and easily knock off the most stubborn wheels. It weighs about 25lbs, and I have used it at least a couple hundred times over the last 15 years. Best tool I've ever seen for getting them off, cost less than $10 to make, and you don't have to crawl under the car to try hitting it with a hammer.


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