Wheel spacers?

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Jan 20, 2004
Anyone here use wheel spacers? No I don't want the 3" kind that make your car look like a go-cart. I need to space out my front wheels to allow room for different brakes. I don't want to buy new wheels and tires; and I like the stock rims. My guess is that it will only need to be around 1/8-1/4". Any good place to buy them? I've seen some crude looking slotted ones at Pepboys, I think, would these be good enough? thanks, -T
Those look way too thick and don't list my car.(or any GM car) I'm looking for only about 1/8-1.4" Couldn't find anything on Tire rack either.
Those H&R spacers come as narrow as 5mm, which is about 0.197" thick...in the range that you're looking for. Not sure why H&R doesn't make them for GM cars though.
Didn't see the 5mm ones, since I didn't find my make, sorry. That's not too odd, I guess, since the only thing more obscure then GM FWD performance parts are Buick performance parts. [I dont know] Anyone else have any ideas?
Maybe contact some GM performance shops? Seems like they'd be the experts in the area. Or try some more Google searches and see what you can turn-up online. I found some Eibach wheel spacers for a GM truck...maybe they make them for other GM applications too, dunno.
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