Wheel Spacer and Body Roll

Apr 5, 2018
W163, ML320. Installed 20mm Spacers on front, and it had improved look significantly.
It run without an issue for a year, now planning to install rear ones. Just for look.
But i think its effects (good or bad) on the car is more than a look
Theoretically spacers would increase the load on suspension system due to Law of the lever. (So faster wear and tear of suspension system)
I wonder how it would affect body roll (and rollover)
It softens the suspension system (bad for body roll control) but also reduce center of gravity. (good for body control)
I am not good at physics as many of you. i think here we should make distinction about "roll at mild weight transfers" and "rollover at extreme weight transfers".
Because for cars with higher center of gravity, with stiff suspension can have almost up to 100% roll prevention at lower weight transfers , but at extreme maneuvers or collision, they will rollover even with infinitely stiff sway bars and springs.
So does this mean lowering center of gravity have much more important role than stiffening the suspension in terms of preventing rollover ?
Surely, my 20mm spacers are too small to have considerable effect. Just i wondered the physics of it :)
So given the spacer with enough thickness, can we say body roll rate at mild weight transfer will increase but rollover chance will be reduced ?


i found test videos, not sure if this is credible test.

Dec 24, 2014
My BMW X1 s28i was so twitchy in the front that I put 12mm spacers only on front, and it drives much better with maybe more understeer.

The problem with Jeeps is that they have a very high center of gravity while being very short wheelbase.

Your Mercedes has a long enough wheelbase to not be like that.

Spacers will put a little more load on suspension, but not that bad to use if you like it.
Dec 12, 2006
This is interesting. I've got zero experience with wheel spacers but my 17 year old son just bought his first car, a 2005 Ram 1500. It has these big, stupid 20" chrome wheels on it with 305mm tires on it. Last week, we removed the wheels to have a look at everything and rotate the tires and I saw that it has spacers on it. They look about an inch thick. It made me wonder about increased load on the suspension. I already have plans to put this thing back to a more stock arrangement for dependability and probably increased gas mileage. Right now the tires stick out just past the flares and it looks pretty cool and I know he isn't going to be happy if it ends up looking anemic.
I really just want it to be safe and dependable.
Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
We drove a Mazda Bongo mid-engined van when we lived in NZ. It was narrow for its height, and had a high centre of gravity. It felt very tippy around corners, and unstable on the highway when there were gusts of wind.

I wondered about spacers to push the wheels out to increase the track a bit; not sure how far I would have had to go to notice a difference.