Wheel size

Jul 14, 2020
I am looking to find some different used wheels for my 98 Mustang. I know it needs 114.3 / 4.5 inch bolt circle. I looked at some used aftermarket wheels and measured the bolt circle ( edge of bolt hole to center of Bolt hole) on both my stock wheels and the aftermarket one. I don't know if I am just not being accurate enough or what , as it seems that the "new" one is like maybe at most 1/16 th inch smaller. Is that even possible, as I thought the bolt circle only jumps 1/4 inch larger or smaller from one size to the next.
Those years it is the 4.5" circle. The problem with measuring them is there isn't a purely accurate way to measure. Speedway Motors has a good guide on how to properly measure. FWIW all the 5 lug Mustangs from 94-2014 have the same pattern, but 05-14 have different backspacing.