Wheel lock up on transmission on personal pace mow

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Jun 11, 2014
A while ago I saw a post on wheel lock up on personal pace lawn mowers.

This transmission is used on so many different mowers that I've bought and used I never knew one important piece of advice.

After tugging the lawn mower backwards for six years and Toro or/and Troy Built completely rebuilding the transmission I was told at the end of the warranty by a nasty service person at a call center. You know, it's suppose to come to a gentle stop while going forward. I looked in a manual of some six mowers I bought this year which all failed because of the transmission which said;

If mower's front or back wheels lock up, you should push the mower forward while stopped, engine running, about three inches. It should unlock the wheels. It did.

I can't find the original post but the guy summed it up by saying he was tired of pulling a "boat anchor" backwards every time he had to stop and reverse directions.

My feelings as well, after years with these transmissions both greased and non greased. I wonder if they ever told any one about how to solve this problem. I only found it in one manual and that was this year.
Yeah, I don't think the manual to the Toro said that anywhere. I just kind of figured it out. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's had that problem.
I bought my Toro from a small local dealer. They tested the mower and it did that. He showed me what to do when it happens. Then he adjusted the cable until it stopped happening. It has only happened to me once in two years and I was going up a slight incline.
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