Whats your take on this?

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Jan 3, 2005
I was reading some posts on another board,and a guy stated that Mobil makes almost all the synthetic oils on the market. He went on to say that the only one they don't make is Amsoil.

He claimed to have been to the Mobil plant and seen all the other oils they make for other manufacturers. Of course he can't mention the other brands.
Not true at all. Mobil makes a lot of the base oils and many of the additives (Infineum). However, many others like ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Lubrizol, Ethyl etc. all make/supply to other companies. Amsoil/Redline/ CAstrol for example are all blenders. They don't make a single component, but they chose from what is out their among all of these companies and make an oil.
When I was working as a route auditor a couple years back, my truck yard was located next door to a royal purple outfit of some sort. We were seperated by a chain link fence, so I could see their work area and "backyard" so to speak. The only oil drums I saw (and there were a lot) were labled Elf. Does this mean RP is just Elf oil with some dye? I don't think so.
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