What's your Favorite

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Feb 14, 2008
The Rocky Mountains
Management Type Book/Flavor of the month tactic to Hate on and Why? An example-

"Who Moved My Cheese" Reason- because you know that the shat is going to hit the fan in your workplace soon!
Any and all titles that turn into cliche~ rhetorical statements and make telling someone that they're screwed much easier.

I find most of them are for easing the conscience of the poker and not for the enlightenment and comforting of the pokee.

How to reinvent yourself for the 53rd time- reason- you have, once again, become obsolete or too expensive.

Learn to live with less - reason- it's a likely outcome of downsizing
Day Labor Can Be Fun= since that's probably all that will be available to you in the near future

Materialism is highly over rated= because you'll be asked to take a pay cut

Making Room for the Young- since you're probably becoming a benefit liability to the company
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