What's wrong with the dealers ?

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Mar 8, 2004
Just wondering. What's wrong with having your oil changed at the dealer ? On a 3000 miles change schedule, it wouldn't matter what brand of oil they're using, would it ? And at GM you'll get an ACDelco oil filter, at Ford a Motorcraft, and Chrysler will put a Mopar inside, isn't it ? None of which would be a bad choice ? And in case they'll screw up something like breaking your drain plug or losing your car keys, they definitely have the means and parts to get it fixed ? [I dont know]
If you have a good service manager & they hire good folks, probably nothing. BUT, 1) No one will take care of my car like me. They don't have a vested interest in it. 2) If they do mess the car up, you may have to prove it wasn't already like that. Guess how I know? [Big Grin] 3) I also just flat out enjoy taking care of my vehicles & don't consider it a hassle to change the oil, etc. - it's a blessing. 4) The work can be done anytime I want, say 3 in the morning, versus their shop time. 5)It's usually more expensive to have it changed at the dealer. 6) Did I mention that I just don't trust someone I don't know from Adam with my $25k car that I worked very hard for?
benjamming.... you said it well! lets add to the list... 7) If you don't empty your entire car, your stuff is may get stolen (I know this man!) and once its gone there is nothing you can do about it. The service manager points to the sign on the counter "Not responsible for Items in your car" 8) If you have a high horse power/sporty fun to drive vehicle whos to say they are going to baby it.
I think it does still matter what brand you use even in the standard 3000 mile intervals. I won't get into a brand war but I like to choose my oil not get the cheap bulk stuff or repackaged dealer brands. I also like to do my own and since I have my own hoists in the shop there is no crawling around on the lawn in Feb to change oil. I have a couple of friends who have had stripped drain plugs and like me will do their own service %99 of the time from now on.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ For what you pay the dealer to change your oil, you could probably fill up your car with redline or schaeffers or something similar yourself.
and as someone already pointed out, do you really trust them to do it properly ??!! A number of times I've found the oil filter loose, as in a puddle of oil under the vehicle. Definately not confidence inspiring. Plus, I like to fill the filter, then screw it on to the head so that the engine doesn't start totally dry. Do you reckon they would do that at a dealership ? Rick.
[Bang Head] The dealer tech overfilled the crankcase by at least a half quart after they replaced the intake manifold gasket on my GM 3.1 liter V-6. For 6 bucks I would rather change it myself with S-T products than leave it at the dealer's most of the day for $25, and hear about how I need fuel injector service, engine flush, wallet flush, etc.
Not to mention.... The first 2 dents my brand new truck ever got ...were at the Ford Dealership. 2 visits, 2 dents. They didn't have much room in the back so they pack the vehicles in very tight and when they opened the doors on the vehicles next to it, wham, dent....... Do you think I was able to prove eiither of them.... NO. My word against theirs. And I know my vehicle from top to bottom. It's a loosing proposition. You just open yourself up to risk. Why take the chance if you don't have to. DEWFPO
I had a two month old Camry at a stealership for warranty service. I parked it the night before next to a parking lot light tower. The lot tech the next morning got in, threw it in reverse as he cranked the wheel. Ripped the front bumper and fender off the car. I told them they owned the car at that point. Legally, I didn't have a chance. I had them give me oil changes for the rest of the lease for free (I never did use them). They had to paint the car twice because the first time it was so bad. Even the second time it wasn't right. It was kind of amusing turning the car in at the end of the lease. "Has the car been in any accidents?" "Other than the time the front end was ripped off by you...." [ March 09, 2004, 09:32 PM: Message edited by: Grease is the word ]
#3 and #5. Why pay 3x as much as doing it yourself? Only time I can see that is if you live in a apt building or someplace where there is no place to work on your ride.
Originally posted by Crazy Canuck: [And at GM you'll get an ACDelco oil filter, at Ford a Motorcraft, and Chrysler will put a Mopar inside, isn't it ? None of which would be a bad choice ? [/QB]
Aren't the stock Mopar oil filters Fram's?
Aren't the stock Mopar oil filters Fram's?
Not here. At least not the most common one - the Mopar 5281090 definitely doesn't look like the equivalent Fram PH16. [Canada]
It all boils down to people. A moron is a moron no matter if he works for a quickie place or a dealer. The same goes for a good mechanic.
Didn't I read somewhere that there was an internal Chrysler memo warning against the use of Fram oil filters during engine testing? It had something to do with finding contaminants in the oil and tracing it back to the materials used in Fram oil filter construction.
That warning pertained to the Cummins Diesel used in Ram trucks. Not exactly a "mopar" power plant. (and I mean that in a good way [Smile] ).
I had the dealer change my oil once and the guy forgot to tighten all four bolts on the front skid plate on the truck. I drove it around for a few days not knowing that at any moment I could have launched a 30 lb missle through the windsheild of the car behind me. Due to the bolts rattling around all the threads were ruined. I had to take it back twice and they finally had to drill larger holes and retap them. They took care of it for nothing and lucky for them...I saved them from a possible lawsuit by finding out about it in time.
A dealer oil change is always an exciting experience. However, VW has made it such a PITA to change the oil that (remove belly pan with tons of bolts and fits like a jigsaw puzzle, oil filter PITA to access) I take it in anyway since I'm usually short on time and live in a condo complex. Plus, most dealers only charge $24.95. If I bought my own oil filter, oil, and washer, I'm already up to $16 so why not? But you do have to choose a good dealer. For my first two oil changes, they overfilled and left bolts off the belly pan. I made them redo it. Next time, I told them to make sure belly pan is fastened and oil is not overfilled BEFORE the car went in. Guess what? They still found a way to screw it up. So I switched dealers. Finally found a dealer that gets it right the first time, and I stick with them.
Here's a few notes on dealer changes... The bigger the dealership, the less they care. (generally). In the MD/DC/VA dealership, there is a car group called "DarCars". Their service is absolutely horrid, and their tech's have a turnover rate almost as high as their sales employees. Just with mazda 6's, two car's have had the "forgot to put the oil filter back on" problem. Many dealers will put whatever oil, and whatever filter they have on hand in/on your car. Whatever is cheapest or least expensive is what they'll use. Your car take 5w-20 semi-syn and a Motorcraft FL-820S filter? They'll throw in 10w-30 bulk dino (outta a drum), with a Fram. (I've seen it). Not to mention the general overtorquing of anything related to oil components. (Filters, cartiages, drain plugs). One of the oil members here had his 6i's drain plug so overtorqued it was crushing the rubber washer and causing oil to leak out...it took a torque wrench WITH a pipe to loosen it. They must of used air tools to put the damn thing on. There are good dealerships, with good techs, and fair service managers... unfortuantly these are a minority. Generally people don't even think their getting ripped off, and may even think their service is great, till someone looks up their vin, or they join a car forum for their particular model. [ March 10, 2004, 09:41 AM: Message edited by: crossbow ]
Crossbow is right. They put what ever oil is handy. I once wanted 5w-30 in my car and i saw the guy reaching for the 10w-30 hose and i ran out to the shop to stop him. Also, my new car had a free birthday oil change from the dealer and he didn't tighten the filter. I was watching from the side and the tech stated the car and ran it for a few minutes and opened the door and said "your oil pressure guage doesn't work." Just then i saw oil running out from under the car. I yelled stop the car! And all the dealer said was i think it will be ok. Well, i sold the car because of that shortly after. Most poeple don't know what they do to the cars when you are not looking!
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