What's up with this oil?

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Jan 7, 2022
Last month I bought 4gallons of ravenol ssv oil that was on clearance. The photo plus the discription both mention it has usvo. However the jugs I received didn't have that designation printed on the label. Has anyone that bought oil from blauparts experienced this? When I call the company and am yelling at them I'd like to have examples of them pulling this crap on other people. Is it a bait and switch scam so they can unload old oil. The labels look like they've just been put on and a couple of them aren't even centered on the jugs.


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Did u read my post?

They described a different oil than the one they sent me clearance or not....look at my screenshots
Apparently Ravenol started promoting the USVO technology as far back as 2018. Look at the UPC and product label and see if there's a copyright date any place on the container to get an idea of the era that the product was labeled. You may have been shipped some oil that is over 4 years old and seeing that you paid over $30 for 4 liters then you just might want to consider sending it back.

I personally don't think you should "call the company and start yelling at them" for any reason. You should verify that the product you purchased is indeed of old stock and then you need to decide if you want to keep it. If you don't want to keep it then you should politely ask for a refund. Being rude to people, raising your voice or displaying aggression is not how mature adults conduct themselves.

If I were in this situation I would just keep the oil and use it. It's one oil change and certainly not a life changing event. Don't burn your bridges, you just might need to get back across the river at some point in life.
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