What's up with the Redline web site?

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Jun 9, 2003
Sequim, WA
I've been wondering the same thing. Summit Racings' west coast warehouse and showroom is here in Reno. They have every Redline product on the shelf except the 5W-40 and 5W-20. I asked about the 5W-40 and they had never heard of it. It also seem to be MIA on the site sponsors site. I think you guys who are saying you are using this stuff are pulling our legs. [Wink] Ed
Called RL today, yes they do carry a 5w-40/20 and they are in the process of updating the website which should be done in a few weeks. [Cheers!]
I have never bought the redline 5w40....or even seen it. But I do have a few cases of 5w30, and on the side of the box, it lists the available viscosities.......and 5w40 is available. [Smile]
For well over a year now I've seen posts on here about Redline 5w40, and more recently about redline 5w20. But the oils listed on the Redline web site are the same ones that have been on there for two years, and neither of these grades are mentioned anywhere. Does Redline make these grades or not? And if so, why don't they put them on their web site?
Ya, You the 5W40 is like a private stock or preffered stock. They only serve that to valued customers the peasantry just gets pilsner! [Cheers!] Seriously I just called them up and asked for 5W40. You have to figure they have all of the common viscositys covered! If not they will tell you so. It has been my experince that most companys web sites are grossly out of date! [ February 21, 2004, 07:12 PM: Message edited by: JohnBrowning ]
Our sponsor here www.myoilshop.com does have it available and on their site, so no need to go to the atrociously outdated Redline corporate website. They told me lat year in September when i asked about 5W40: "We are in the process of updating it"" Man, that must be some web site that takes some 6+ months to update. [LOL!]
Originally posted by kalbri: Where is the 5w-40 on myoilshop.com? I cannot find it!
Oops ...sorry . e-mailed them .......
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