Whats up with M1 labeling?

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Jul 16, 2005
was at autozone today, saw m1 bottles lableing with approved by honda ford and chrysler.. are sales of 5w20 that bad that they need to point out that it is factory spec?

btw, autozone has 10 dollar giftcard rebate if you buy two bosch wipers. (ignore of repost)
Well IMO there is nothing wrong good marketing. They previously sold 0W-20 oil that was not specifically approved by the automakers.....why not let the oil buying public know their new product is?
IMO 20wt oil users are sometimes more touchy with oil choice... not just BITOGers who use 20wt oils!

And surely m1 wants to be right there with the new 20wt oil bandwagon, as its use spreads.

Next step... m1 5w-20 factory fills!

More like cashing in on the "I'm a dope, can I use M1 5w-20 in my Honda? I was told it causes leaks?". People are stupid and M1 0w-20 proved that. All one had to do was read the back of the ******* bottle of the M1 0-20.
Actually I've seen that on many 5w20 bottles, they are trying to show that it meets that spec, because it's becoming a popular oil.
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