Whats up with Butanol?

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Dec 15, 2002
Simpsonville SC
I heard about this awhile back and did some reading on it. Seems to be a better alternative than ethanol when it comes to fuel blending. More potential energy and not hygroscopic like conventional fuel ethanol. That alone would eleviate 2 of the largest ethanol complaints, lower milage due to less energy and transportation issues because it doesn't absorb water as readily.
There's a "Redneck Dictionary Word of the Week" joke in that topic question! Only requires a slight mispronunciation: "Yeah, we wuz gonna ask ye to go withus, but didn't know if you'd want to sit for that long with that boil on yer butanol." [Big Grin]
I had no doubts about it's ability to disolve in gasoline. I was more wondering how it does in engines at similar mix ratios. I just don't see it ever being "cheap"....but hey that's energy. Suddenly I need a donut.
Pabs-From what I've read, it is equal if not more miscible in gasoline than ethanol. Must be due to its ability to reject water thereby avoiding the separation (oil,water) like water laden ethanol can. Yes, still pretty expensive in the grand scheme of things but so was ethanol in it's infancy also. The production costs are falling and the yeild is getting greater with every step they take. And since it can be sourced from corn like ethanol, growing, harvesting, subsities et al can remain in place. Just seems to make more sense to me. Stuart-Good one. I imagined it as the voice of Larry the Cable Guy doing 'Mater' and it sounded pretty funny.
Surely sounds like a better option for the marine industry. Unlike the pressured systems in a modern car fuel delivery, boats have quite large vented fuel tanks. Ethnol is causing havic amongsts boat owners. Even at 10% in gasoline, ethanol is dissolving fiberglass fuel tanks. In my case I have normally aspirated V-6 two stroke, with a 52 gallon, vented fuel tank. Although I always try to keep the tank full, I have heard of horror stories of massive intake valve deposits and sludging in two stroke motors running 10% ethanol. Any suggestions?
I seem to recall something about the RAF in WWII using butanol in some of their Spitfires, without requiring much in the way of re-tuning from regular gasoline they used. Dont recall if it was 100% or a blend. If they trusted the lives of their valuable fighter pilots using this stuff in multiple 3 dimensions (in flight), then we should be able to trust it in 2 dimensions (earth bound). Seems that there is also some sort of bacteria which converts stock into butanol at a more efficient rate. But I dont recall the link. I will try to find.
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