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Nov 19, 2004
North Carolina
What types of vehicles do you see emitting blue oil smoke while driven on our public highways? I frequently see older Dodge caravans, Crown Vic's,5.0 Mustangs and various Mitsubishi products emitting blue puffs or continious streams of blue. Of course there are still rare sightings of vintage Model T's and other classics which may have smoked a little even when new. Rickey.

Mitsubishis, Plymouths & Chryslers (w/ the Mitsu engine I assume), some older Acuras...

the worst I ever saw was a Mitsubishi Cordia L.
Dodge and Plymouth minivans, Honda Civics, and Toyota Tercels seem to be the main ones I see...
The Chrysler minis, with the Mitsubishi engines, by far, outpace any competition for mass numbers in the nation wide "smoke out". I owned a former smoker. Auto-Rx cured 90% of it ..external head gasket leaks cured the rest.

This is almost a given. You see an older Caravan ..it smokes. So much so that other smokers can be considered rare.
Most smokers are from Mexico...Old or New Mexico, doesn't matter--no emissions tests, but us Texans, sniffer test. Fair???riiiigggttt...

At the bridge, they should have a sniffer machine (or even visible smoke)...no pass/no enter...same for insurance...most don't even have it.
Around here, its mostly really old Chevys and Chryslers. The kind from the late 70's or early 80's that look like they will actually disintegrate in the next two miles. I saw one (didn't get the make or model, it was on the other side of the freeway) that left a trail of blue fog that was literally 1 mile long.

The biggest smoke I've seen is from what I assumed was a semi's engine blowing. I was just driving along on a nice sunny day on I-90 in the Cascades, and all of sudden everyone brakes hard down to about 15 mph and enters the thickest fog I've ever seen. After a few hundred feet of that, we come out, and on the right shoulder is a semi with smoke pouring out. It was crazy!
I can smell the difference between Chevy, Ford, Dodge V8 engines from farther away than I can see the smoke.

Does anyone have any reasonable explanation as to why a small block chevy smells usefully different than a small block ford or a small block dodge?
Mitch you should get a job at the emission inspection station! With you on board, there is no need for the 20K sniffer machines!
Mostly old Mitsubishi Sigmas, and 3 cylinder suzuki swifts. Occasionally a pulsar Exa.

Honestly, there aren't that many smokers down here..must be all that engine destoying 20W-50.

Laws down here are that if the constabulary see visible smoke (petrol or diesel) that lasts for 10 seconds continuously, you get a vehicle defect notice.
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned but the most common smoker around here is the Dodge Intrepid. They are pretty common where I am and I don't know a single one that doesn't smoke while accelerating off idle.
Smoke bombs around here are older Chrysler mini vans and small Mitsubishi cars. All gas you on take off and for about 3 miles after take off. Occasionaly see old work trucks smoke once in a while. The only smoking any of my vehicles ever did was on start up for a second and when my old Toyota started dragging a a caliper.
1990-93 Accord, BADLY!

Other than that, mostly full and minivans; though I did get to see a kid cruise in his pimped out (RE: Pep boys) Civic, farting away and bellowing like no tomorrow with "Gasolina" playing to where I started going deaf
In my counties (I live in Williamson and work in Travis), we just implemented sniffer test. Anything with visible smoke is automatic fail. So in time there should be no smokers except for diesels, which by the way, is exempted from emission testing
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