What's in your engines at the moment?

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Jul 26, 2002
I know this is a repeat of earlier threads,just wanted to see what everyone is running at the moment.

'98 Dodge Ram 8.0L V-10: 20% 5w-20/80% 5w-30 Exxon Superflo
'89 S-10 4-cyl: Brad Penn 10w-30 blend w/10%LC
'03 Buick Regal 3.8 v-6: Royal Purple 5w-30 w/RX maint dose
'01 X-1 Buell Lightning,V-twin: 15w-50 Mobil1 w/10%LC
Snapper lawn mower 12hp Briggs:Havoline 30w w/RX clean dose
2000 Escort ZX-2,4-cyl zetec:5w-20 Exxon Superflo w/6%LC
Craftsman 8hp rototiller(~30 years old): 50% 20w-50 Castrol GTX(SH
) 50% Mobil1 10w-30 Tri Syn

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1997 Audi A6 Quattro - Pennzoil European Synthetic 5W40

2003 Ford Taurus - Pennzoil synthetic 5W20

2004 Subaru Forester - Pennzoil synthetic 5W30

I change the Audi and Subaru at 5,000 miles due to their driving condition and the Ford at 7,000 miles.

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02 Nissan Sentra: It currently has 10W-30 ST that I'm using for several very short intervals as flushes after having a coolant leak repaired. I then will install the Schaeffer's 10W-30 Blend I have on hand. I want to try the Schaeffer's 9000 5W-40 when I can get it in Quart or gallon sizes.

99 Nissan Sentra: Schaeffer's 15W-40 Blend. I also want to put in the Schaeffer's 9000 5W-40 when I can get it in appropriate amounts.
2001 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 - 5qt of Pennz 5w/20

1997 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0 V6 - 5qt of Pennz 5/30

1997 Nissan Maxima GLE 3.0 V6 - 5qt of 5/w30 Trop artic synth blend

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L I-6 - 6qt of Durablend 10/30)
95 SW1.. M1 0w40
96 SL.. ST 5w30 full syn
91 Dakota Rotella 5w40 syn
Snowblower.. ST 5w30 full syn
Lawnmower and Rototiller (hibernating).. ST HD-30
'95 Civic VTEC Schaeffer's 15w-40
'89 Mitsubishi Starion Schaeffer's 15w-40
'87 Ramcharger SuperTech 10-30 w/12oz ARX (2nd clean)
-1999 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 V6 - GC 0W30
--2000 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 4cyl AEG - GC 0W30
---2002 Honda Accord 2.2 4cyl - Esso XD-3 0W30
----Lawmmower - Craftsman 6hp Briggs and Statton - Motomaster 5W30 synthetic (when I change this in the spring XD-3 is going in. Also, I'll be trying the XD-3 in the other vehicles as well. I'm just waiting for a UOA on the Caravan because I'm losing coolant externally from an intake gasket leak but I think it's leaking inside as well.
All of my family's cars that I'm "responsible" for:

1990 Nissan Maxima GXE - Exxon Superflo 5w-30 1st cycle ARX (have 2 changes worth of $2 Hav. Syn after ARX is done)

1991 Honda Accord LX - Havoline SM GF4 10W-30
(Have 2 changes worth of $2 Valvoline Max syn after this is done)

1994 Toyota P/U 22re - Havoline SJ 20w-50 1st cycle ARX (Thought about using Mobil Clean 5000 10w-40 after ARX, but I think I'm going to use M1 Truck/SUV since C5000 10w-40 is not GF4)

2000 Lexus ES 300 - M1 10w-30

2002 Honda Accord LX 4cyl - 1.5 qt M1 0w-20, 3 qt M1 5w-30

2004 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 - M1 0W-20
95 Camry V6 122K Mobil 1 5-30

01 Audi S4 (twin turbo V6) 25K Mobil 1 0-40

05 Toyota Tacoma 4.0 V6 2K Mobil 1 5-30

Lawnmower, Generator, (Hondas) Blowers etc. Mobil 1 10-30

2 stroke ehco blower Mobil 1 MX2T mix.

Motorcycles (aircooled) Mobil 1, 15-50/V-Twin 20-50

I do use Redline gear lubes though!
2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - Chevron Supreme 10W30

1996 Acura Integra - Mobil 1 10W30

2000 115 HP Johnson Outboard motor - Synergyn Two-Cycle Oil
1999 Volvo S70 T5, M1 +6 oz. LC & 2 oz/1k mile + 300 ml #132
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Castrol GC + 6 oz. LC & 2 oz/1k mile
2000 Four Winns Horizon 190 (VP GXi 5.0), 5 Q Schaeffer’s 15W-40
2003 Honda Harmony Mower, 0.58 q Schaeffers 15W-40
2003 Power Trim Edger (B&S 3.5 hp) Schaeffers 15W-40
2005 Honda FG 100 Mini Tiller, Honda 10W-30
1987 Ford E-150, unknown oil and filter, I lent the van to somebody but asked them to change the oil as it was over a year old at the time, that was over a year ago.

1992 VW Diesel Golf, Shell Rotella 0w40 and WIX filter, will be switching to Esso XD-3 0w30 or 0w40

1981 Suzuki GS1100E, Castrol 20w50 and Suzuki filter, will be switching to Castrol 10w40

1991 Mazda B-6 block, 168,000kms, motomaster 5W50 with AutoRx

1992 Toyota Camry Vee6, 223,000kms, Castrol GTX dino rinse for 1st round of AutoRx.

2001 Honda Civic, 78,000kms, everything original, running 5W30 M1.
96 Saturn SL2, Pennzoil 5w-30 SM dino
04 Saturn Vue V6, M1 0w-20
(FP and LC in both)
Lawnmower: Castrol GTX HD straight 40wt
Weed whipper: Amsoil 2-stroke oil

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