What's a fair price for a group III ?

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Dec 12, 2002
I was enquiring at Fuchs lubricants down here about oils for my application, and they offered the Titan GTO, and pointed out it was a Group III, and thus the asking price was $40 for 5 litres, rather than $62 for 5 litres for Mobil. I was impressed that they were up front with the distinction, and the price (some major oil blenders aren't so free with either detail). OK, now Pennzoil Longlife (GRII) is $30 for 5 litres. Fuchs Titan GTO (GRIII) is $40 for 5 litres, and Mobil 1 is $62 for 5 litres. Redline runs over $100 for 5 litres, adn you don't want to know what Royal Purple costs. Good value ?? or is GrIII THAT far inferior to IV and V ?
I think roughly $35 - $40 is fair enough for Group 3. That seems to be the average price in my area. I know that I got "sucked in" by Castrol's marketing and paid $65 for 5 litres of Formula R 5w30. Autobarn must have realised it's Group 3, because now it's on sale for $39.95 [Duh!] [Roll Eyes]
Losiho, the local places still have the 5W-30 at $60+, but have dropped the 0W-40 and 10W-60 from $87 to $71.
Motorbike, my mate at work has one of those Subarhubarb things (I think that they sell a subliminal message tape with them that makes their owners wax lyrically about the greatness of their "symetrical" beasts) [Wink] His dealer sells Repsol, at $85 for the oil per change. So my mate is happily taking his $62 bottle of M1 0W-40 at present. So what's the Repsol (Which Group), and what's it worth on the free market ?
59 bucks for 5 liters of their 5w-40 in AU. It's real synthetic oil [Smile] but like near all the makers they have some blends and what - not also . Only recently has it become available in the USA and I know little about it other than a couple Moto GP and F1 teams use this brand with a high degree of success ...... that is if we can call some world championships a successfull undertaking . [Smile] A link is in your PM box
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Cool, thanks muchly. (You mentioned Moto GP.....if this guy thinks he's putting Moto GP oil in either his Subaru, or FJ1200, I'll never hear the end of it) [I dont know]
I've got another question now (Not related to the Repsol bit). As Group III and Synth Blends are about the same price....which is better value ?
Originally posted by Shannow: As Group III and Synth Blends are about the same price....which is better value ?
It depends on how they are made like additive packs , what ACEA ratings they meet and what base oils are used in the blend . Some of the foriegn makers use ester/group III . Some are 30% Pao and the rest all group II . These type blends still generally cost less than formulated group III's and IMO are the way to go for the most part with these two choices at half the price but not half the performance [Smile] . Real PAO blends are few and far between in the USA . Schaeffers , Mobil , Agip and Cam 2 is about it these days other than many motorcycle specific blends . These oils will hold their own for sure .
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