What would you like to see a VOA of?

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Jun 19, 2002
I've got a lone kit waiting to be sent in with something. What would you like to see? It will have to either be a cheap oil, or an oil I've got a bit of in my garage. Here is what I have (from my memory):
M1 15w50 (SL)
M1 10w30 (SL)
RP 10w40 (SJ)
Penn 15w40 (SL)

I'll edit this post if I find other in my garage.

PS. It would be nice if this could have been a poll, but they are dis-allowed
Exxon Superflo 10/40

Then we can compare it to the VOA of the Mobil Drive Clean I posted.

FWIW the HT/HS of the 10/40 Superflo is 3.9,,not bad!
Well either M1 15w50 or the RP 10w40. We already have recent ones of the other 2.
I would lean toward M1, to see if they've made any changes. Terrys post when it first came out looked pretty sorry.
That's on the maxima.org spreadsheet. Doesn't show any moly though
. But neither does their M1 SS, I think he should remove that one from the spreadsheet.
Patman, do you know where I can get a spec sheet of the Castrol HM? I'm considering testing it, but like has been said it is on the Maxima spreadsheet. Did you notice that the normal GTX 5w30 (12.7) was thicker than the HM GTX 10w30 (11.8)?

Looking at the spreadsheet, there are a bunch of virgin analysis of oil which are known to contain Moly, but it shows "0". In addition to what Jason has already pointed out, the Pennzoil and RP also show 0. Also note that they all used Oil Analyzers for the samples. I think it is a lab error.

I'll let this thread stick around for a while before I make my desicion on which to get.

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Chris, I've got the spec sheets for all of the Castrol oils sitting right here beside me. I had Castrol snail mail me them.

According to this data sheet both the 5w30 and the 10w30 GTX have a viscosity of 10.7cst at 100c, while the 10w30 HM is 12.0cst at 100c, almost a 40wt. And the 5w30 HM is 11.9cst at 100c.
I don't want to be greedy, but here's my wishlist:

Mobil 1 5W-30
Super-Tech Synthetic 5W-30
Pennzoil PureBase 5W-30 (in case it hasn't been done yet)
Chevron Supreme 5W-30
Figures, everybody wants something different. I'll have to think about it. The expensive oils are definately out (unless someone sends me some).

Super-Tech Synthetic 5W-30
Pennzoil PureBase 5W-30 (in case it hasn't been done yet)
Chevron Supreme 5W-30

The Super-Tech is about $3/qt, but the other 2 are roughly $1+ a quart.

I have a few quarts of Pennzoil 10W-30 lying around. But the shipping probably costs more than the quart.
Well since no one is picking anything from your list either... What I would really like to see is a Red Line RACE oil. To see how few detergents they really use, since they say they have few to none. And if the other detectable additives are any different.

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One motor oil that I have never seen checked out at a Lab is Mystik. I have heard from mechanics, oil distribution people, etc., that Mystik is supposed to be a very good oil. It is not very common. You have to look in stores that sell to farms and ranches, trucking, and construction equipment. Off the top of my head I can think of three professional mechanics, living and dead, who considered Mystik a really good oil. One professional mechanic I know will use nothing else unless a person brings in their own oil and another professional mechanic who also raced cars used Mystik in his racing car.
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