What would you guys choose?

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May 24, 2004
Somewhere in Texas
I work for a auto parts store, about 2 mos. ago I purchased a 04 SE-R Spec V. I'm dumping the break in oil and I have access to Mobil 5-30 10-30 0-40 5-40, Castrol 5-40, Royal Purple and Chevron 5-30 and 10-30. Which oil would you guys use.

oh yes i can even get synergyn.
As much as I like the 5w-40, it is a wee bit heavier then 0w-40 and a lil thick for this application. If I had to pick one oil for that car, it'd be GC, but def try the M1 0w-40 for mpg and good visc.
The factory recommends 5-30, 10-30 or 10-40. One grade I also forgot to mention was the GC 0-30. I can order it.

Has anyone heard of Leading Edge Lubricants, we carry them and also carry a synthetic oil that they make.
I just wondering if they are any good.

Again thanks for any replies.
I don't see any benefit from a 5wXX oil in your Texas climate. 10w30 would get my nod. Either the M1 or Chevron, depending on how you feel in the dino vs. syn debate (another whole topic).
M1 5w/40 if you want longer service intervals. Chevron supreme 10w/30 with 5,000 miles maximum service intervals.
I have Mobil 1 5w-30 in my 04 Altima 2.5s which has the same engine as your Spec V and it runs great, quiet and free reving and 32mpg on the highway.
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