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Oct 6, 2005
I am strongly considering changing to AMSOIL HDD 5w30.
Would you:

run it for 15000 with an AMSOIL EaO filter


use a pure one and change the filter at 10000 miles and oil at 20000. or will the pure one last to 15000?

Open to suggestions. Either way i would do a uoa at 10000 just to make sure everything is peachy.

edit: Guess I should add driving conditions: 50 miles each way to school 90% highway/10% city with the potential to deal with the infamous I-95/I-695 drive time traffic. and its a 2004 Dodge Neon 2.0L.
Given the Amsoil EAO filters are made of that high filter fine stuff, I would only consider that filter for a full 15,000 mile run.

A pure one or any other covential filter, no more than 7500-8000 miles tops,,,,op
A 2004 Neon...do you still have a factory warranty on the car? If so, running a 15,000 mile OCI might not be such a great idea if you intend to keep your warranty 100% intact.
yes i do have a factory warrenty but i will put this stuff in at 60000 miles. at that point there will only be 10000 miles left on the warrenty. but the dealer would have to prove that a 15000 mile oci caused the damage. if the oil is analysed and found to still be servicable then they need to prove the oil did the damage.

i drive a lot. ive had the car since 2/14/04 with 6 miles on it and now it has 42000 miles on it. i might put the oil in sooner, like at 45000 but if something does happen and there ends up being a big hassle to get my car fixed, i dont need that. i live in towson and drive to college park every day, no hassles needed here, i get enough hassle from the drive.
I would (and do) run the Amsoil EaO filter. I run the Amsoil HDD 5W30 in two vehicles and am extremely satisfied with it and the UOA results I have gotten.

With your nice long drives the TBN on this oil should hold up really nicely for you.

My OEM oil filter and the Purolator equivalent do not have an ADBV whereas the EaO I use does; not sure if that makes any difference.

I'm sure one of BITOG's Amsoil sponsors would work with you on it.
how long do you go between oil changes with the AMSOIL HDD/EaO combo?

i figured i could easily get 15000 out of it, maybe even 20000 but i like to have a bit of a cushion.
why run that long of OCI anyway oils build up with crap only changing gets rid of it why not use a good oil like chevron and change out at 5K and still be ahead in oil being clean and cost.
im trying to minimize maintenance right now. im in school and the place where i do my maintenance, my dads garage, is an hour away. i drive 100 miles/day.

i am currently running an off the shelf synthetic oil at 5k mile oci. i know i could probably go up to 7500 or 10000 with them but if i can go longer, why not. if i dont go with AMSOIL then ill stick with an off the shelf synthetic at 7500 miles intervals maybe. cost isnt as much of an issue because i get reduced prices.
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