What would you chose Mobil 1 0W-30 or 0W-40

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Jan 26, 2003
If you had the chose what would you use. The 040 does seem to have better specs then the 030.
It would depend on the application. If it allows for a 40wt. I would use the 0w40 since I think it is a better oil.
Also the winter goes down to -40 so would the 0-40 still be ok. or would the 0-30 be also to handle -40 better.
I like the idea of a bit more thickness for when you jump on the gas alot.
Originally posted by ncirish: What makes the 0-40 a better oil?
Mobil 1 0w40 is A3 rated and meets the most stringent European OEM extended drain specs. Mobil 1 0w30 doesn't.
have Saturn SC1 w/ 110,000 miles burning 1 qt/ 1000 miles on dino 5W30. switched to M1 0W40 (primarily because it was going to be away at college and not get my obsessive maintenance at home like before) no oil consumption in first 2500 miles on M1! will report as more miles accumulate.
depends on your engine and whether it likes 40wt or 30wt, climate, etc, etc, but generally i would go with 0w-40.
Ok well I did it. Today I went to part source and bought a case of 0W-40 M1. Yup engine runs nice and smooth plus I get better oil pressure not by much though. The guy at the counter sayed that I'm the first one to by this oil. When I went to him he asked me what I was going to put this in and I told him (happily) my 1990 sunbird [Smile] In any case I'll just be doing 15,000km oci just to make for the cost. Seeing as how this oil is designed for extended oci this should be no problem, unless someone sayes that I could go more.
I've been passing on all grades of M1 in favour of M1 SUV 5w-40. For a Mobil 30 weight I like the Euro Mobil-made Saab Synth 0w-30.
Because of its better ACEA and Mercedes test ratings, I like 0W40, especially for vehicles with internals that like a thicker oil or for older vehicles.
Originally posted by Rick: So do you all think that I could go 20,000km with the 0W-40 M1?
I wouldn't go that long without doing a UOA at 10,000km first.
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