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Jul 30, 2002
richmond, va, usa
Okay, here is my situation: 1992 Ford F150 4x4 / 4.9L straight six 37,000 original miles it is rarely off road, mostly stop & go, often delivery type driving, about 15,000 miles a year. I am in Virginia 100F max in the summers and 10F min in the winter. I did a 'freezer' test with some Delo 15w-40 the other day and have decided that this is gonna be a little too thick for the winter (for my tastes)... so here is my question: I am sold on using a 15w-40 HDMO in the summers here, but for winter, should I... A) Use a 10w-30 conventional oil of the same brand as the 15w-40? or B) Switch to a 5w-40 synthetic of the same brand? Price is not really an issue, just give me your opinions...I am specifically thinking about the Rotella Synthetic in winter and Rotella T in the summer. thanks, Matt
Matt, I use to live on northern Virginia (I now live in northern Minnesota). If you are faithful about changing the oil (you do it within so many miles, or time, on schedule) I would go with a 10W30 Pennzoil (or Mobil 1 10W30 if you were going 5,000 or longer on changes) all year long with either one. Believe me, cold weather performance in Virginia is not a very critical area where any good SL rated 10W30 would have a problem. Up here in Minnesota we have block heaters, garages, synthetics, wood stoves, thermal underwear,wives to snuggle with at night, and many of us still do not look forward to the -40 below temperatures. [Wink] Good Day, Steven [Patriot]
Matt, P.S. If you are sold on the 15W40 then any of the ones you listed should be just fine all year in Virginia also. If you are that concerned about winter(??? don't really have one in Va.), then get an engine block heater and you may be able to use it once in ten years down there. Steven
What about the Schaeffers 15w40 blend? It will still flow at -25F, so it's probably more than sufficient for your winters.
While the Delo 15w40 pumps at -39, and would probably be my personal preference, I should note that acording to my book 10w30 was the "preferred" recommendation for that engine. With such low mileage, it should do well year round.
I ahve a similar truck, 1996 F150 with a 4.9. Excellent engines. I have switched to Petro-Can 5W-40 synthetic. I like the thought of a 40W oil in there do to the tolerances of the old engine style but I still get the advantages of the 5W and synthetic at startup. So far I like it but then I haven't done any analysis. HL
Howard, how many miles did you have when you went to the synthetic - any leakage issues? that is the one thing that I am wary of re: the Rotella Synthetic... thanks for all the replies - keep em coming.
Matt, I'd use the Chevron 5w-30 in the wintertime ....It uses the same Group II+ basestock as the Delo 400, 15w-40 and should hold up fine. You could also use the 5w-40, Group III Chevron synthetic year round. It works very well in the VW TDI engine, which is very hard on oil. TooSlick
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