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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
ok so i am looking to buy a tool box for all my tools. i am buying it to be a mechanic. i cannot afford snap on or matco. so i was thinking craftsman or kobalt is there others and how good are the two brands ive listed? thanks guys
Im happy with my craftsman ball bearing grip latch dark blue cabinet that I got as a gift a few years ago.
I would look at some in person and see what you like. Maybe used, pawn shop, Craigs List. It needs to be ball bearing. I have had a Craftsman for maybe 30 years and still looks and functions like new. Only problem is its full.
ive been using a craftsman tool cabinet at my factory job for 8 years now. The welds are breaking loose and i have to bend drawer tracks back with a pliers every now and then. They might be good parked against a wall in a garage, but when you move them from point to point on a daily basis, they do not hold up. I would imagine this is ESPECIALLY true with the thousand pounds worth of tools a mechanic has. (i know, im also studying automotive technology right now) Ive talked to several people already in the automotive industry, who have LOTS of tools, and have been using their snap on/mac/matco cabinet for decades.. you get what you pay for..
The HF box is the best bargain by far. I generally avoid Chinese products, but that box is good quality and better than what you can get from Sears or the other big box stores. I've had my HF 44" box for about 3 years.
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Here's a good write up that will open your eyes to the differences of the commonly available brands beyond the shiny paint (metal thickness, drawer/cabinet construction & sturdiness, bearings, casters, etc.): http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=153445&showall=1
That thread makes a reference to the Homak Pro box at Northern Tool. That is also a very nice box, similar to the HF one from my casual observation.
I bought a Craftsman tool cabinet & chest (ball bearing drawer slides) in the last 1980s and its been a good tool chest. I do not move it much. The drawers are pretty full but I am a shade tree mechanic not a pro. Are the current Craftsman the same quality or have the cheapened them?
I worked at Waterloo Industries for 27 years....the tool chests and cabinets that are made now are NOT the same as the ones made when I started. Most if not all of the purchased parts ie...casters, locks, roller slides, cover stops and drawer pulls are floated in from china.....YES they still make Craftsman for Sears and they recently got back the contract for Home Depot(Husky) for their garage storage line. The 56" line (industrial) was moved to Nogalas Mexico 5-6 years ago, those units are the ones design to compete against the "tool truck" fleet sales.
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