what to try

Sep 10, 2005
Empire State
next for the '00 RAV.after it beat up the SSO pretty good there were some ideas tossed around on what to use next. looking for some more in put from you guys.would like to use it in the blazers also. link to last UOA short version
ok, here is the run down to multiple ?'s put forth....... first I made a mistake on the yr of the RAV4 its a '00. auto w/AC. driven to/from work 10 mi each way 1 on the street the rest highway. weekend to/from house 125 each way,65 Interstate the rest secondary roads. speeds vary from 35 to 65. that about wraps up the "daily" driving, plus any other trips to the stores etc...... can't comment on mileage she doesn't keep track as hard as I've tried to get some solid #'s out of it. only puts in gas when its needed and does not fill the tank. one of those $10 here $15 there, you get the idea. I occasionally put FP+ in the tank when it get filled and I'm w/her. it does use a little oil,this run was about 3/4 Qt down. I know ,I know, keep it filled. capacity is 4.25-4.5 w/filter. as for other oils, I a considered HDD on numerous occasions just might have to give it a whirl. some side notes..... prior to my getting involved w/RAV it had 3K changes. it was ARx'ed I think 2 yrs ago under the old 1500/2000 mi method. I was thinking of doing an AMS oil flush come the spring, not too keen on doing it in the winter since it seem like changes are 6 mo apart. the universal averages are base roughly on a 4200 oci according to the first report,just some food for thought. I think that about covers it. harpoons away...............