what syn oil to use

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Feb 4, 2004
i am new to the site and have found alot of useful info here i would like to thank everyone for the info that you have given me so far and i have another question,my wifes tahoe is approaching 10000 miles and my silverado has 3600 miles on it,she drives 3 miles to work 3 miles home a total of 6 miles a day the tahoe is an 03 5.4 my truck also a 03 6.0 very seldom gets driven maybe up town to get something but waiting to get a camper later this year and will be towing some my question is i was thinking about changeing them both over to mobil 1 5w30 and useing ac filter is it to soon? is the mileage to low for syn oil and is the oil mobil, and filter ac, ok and the oil weight ok or do i need to go with a heavier weight and last how many miles between oil changes thanks

I wouldn't have a problem switching either of these vehicles over to synthetic oil. In fact, considering the abuse (short trips without the oil fully warming up) I would definately run a synth oil. I wouldn't try to do extended oil changes under these conditions - in fact, a change every six months sounds about right unless you do a UOA to find out if you can go longer.

As far as the weight and filter, 5w-30 should be fine and the AC filters are usually pretty good.
I have an 03 5.3 Silverado and I run Mobil 1 10w30 year round in Colorado. The engine starts right up even in -0 weather and oil pressure is up fast! My UOa's are getting better also with this grade.
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