What States Are Not Using Ethanol?

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You will find it in all states to some extent.

Think I read that an additive is available to address your concerns with lawn/landscaping equipment - etc.
While in Knoxville, TN, last month, I saw several stations around town that proudly advertised "100% GASOLINE!"

One Exxon station, an old-fashioned neighborhood place with service bays and a full-service pump, proclaimed on its sign, "No Lottery -- No Beer -- No Ethanol!" So I promptly filled up there. (On the other hand, the owner told me the days of the pure gas were numbered, that soon he'd have to start selling the adulterated stuff.)
I have never seen a pump marked E-10 or E-85 in Texas. I don't travel the state, there are bound to be some, but not that I have ever seen.
i have not seen a e-10 or e-85 pump in texas either. but in houston i did see a pump that said "may contain up to x% ethanol".

cannot remember what that percentage was anymore, 5%?
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(On the other hand, the owner told me the days of the pure gas were numbered, that soon he'd have to start selling the adulterated stuff.)

Of that I'm certain. Converting the US to E10 is a major task that can't be done all at once from procedure changes to equipment changeover and repair. E10 will roll out to whatever area management decides to hit next. The subsidies are just too good to ignore.
It'll be shoved down our throats until the 'instant gratification' of this domestic bio(insert brainwashing term) fuel wears off and the truth is finally known.
Couple of local stations here have pumps that advertise as being no ethanol. One has pumps that are all regular grade fuel where you can choose 0%, 3%, and 10% ethanol. I buy fuel on the local AFB where it states 0% ethanol. Saw a lot of stations in Oklahoma that advertise as ethanol free. E-85 is almost non-existent here in NW Louisiana.
Most stations in Iowa sell ethanol blended E-10 at only one of the 3 nozzles (usually mid-grade 89 octane). This E-10 nozzle has always been clearly marked as such, with the other two octane grades being straight gas.
Most here are "up to 10%" ethanol. I have found one station which is ethanol free and I will usually try to fill up there. It's about $.20 more per gallon.
It's all ethanol here in TN. if you find a gas only station, your lucky. I stopped looking after awhile.
I've seen two stations within 15 miles of me that say 100% gas. I haven't done the water test on them, though. They are in Rogersville City, Hawkins County, TN
what's really funny, here in California, the governator mandated all state vehicles must be flex fuel.
OK.. done.

Then an article comes out in the paper.. how many of the flex vehicles actually use e85? ZERO!!

the governator tried to fix it by making it mandatory for the state employees to utilize e85 whenever possible. Well that's work, except there's barely any e85 stations here, mainly some corporations with lotsa fleet have e85.. UPS, fed-ex, US Postal svc, PG&E.. and I know that UPS and PG&E will sell e85 for the going rate, which is fair, however, they won't sell unless they have extra, and that all of their vehicles needs are met first.

I wonder who'll try to blame the manufacturers on this one!
Found real unleaded on I-70 west of Salina. Generally cost ten cents a gallon more.....Think most of the eastern Kansas gas now has ethanol in it. Even the pumps that clearly stated no ethanol haved taken those signs down.
I just got back from a trip to Key West. There are many stations that sell 100% gasoline along the Keys. I imagine it's because boating is so popular down there.
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