What should I expect from a Detroit Diesel brand oil analysis?

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Dec 21, 2004
Sudbury, Ontario
Hi guys, Has anybody here had DD do an analysis for them yet? All I got in the kit was two bottles and a phone number to call before shipping. The truck shop couldn't tell me whether or not I'd be getting a TBN but for the price I paid...I doubt it. [Smile] The part # on the bottle is 23521982 Thanks, Steve
I guess this isn't a very popular oil analysis provider. So, when should I use the analysis? When I got the car it had 377K km on it. I changed the oil immediately with Castrol 15w40 (car had a steady diet of Castrol and Kendall 15w40 throughout 1st ownership) and then put in Rotella 0w40 3K km into ownership. After 7500 km I changed it again with Rotella 0w40. I'm now 4K km into the second batch of 0w40. Should I wait until 10K km? Oil consumption is fine but I hear a bit of banging from the lifters for the first 200 feet when I drive off with cold oil. Thanks, Steve
It turns out the Burlington lab is Stabley Fluids. I should have a 12,500 km UOA from my 1.6 VW diesel going there next week. 1-800-897-0067 Steve
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