What should I do -- Redline, M1 and Chevron?

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Jul 18, 2002
My daily driver/beater car is a '99 Crown Vic retired cop car. It runs like a top and has 102K miles on the clock. Normally I run nothing but Chevron Supreme 10W30 and either a Walmart ST-2 or Motorcraft FL-820 filter. I change the oil every 5K. The oil capacity is 5.5 qts. but I routinely fill it up with 6 quarts. The other day I was cleaning up a garage where I store some of my stuff and I came across 4 quarts of Redline 5w30 (SJ) and 2 quarts of Mobil 1 5w30. I'm not currently using these oils in any of my other vehicles. I'm thinking of doing one of the following on the next oil change: 1) Use the 4 quarts of redline combined with 2 quarts of Mobil 1 just to use the oil up. Run it for at least 5K miles (maybe 7500). 2) Add one or two quart(s) of Redline or Mobile to 4 or 5 quarts of Chevron over the next several oil changes until it is all used up. Any opinions on which way to go? I know that blending is not always the best idea but I'm really not at all concerned about blowing 4.6L with 102K miles (not that I think that blending would cause it to blow up ). Opinions???
I was leaning more towards option one too. I've got a couple of K before my next oil change is due but that wont take long to accumulate. I doubt I'll do the UOA because it is not something I plan on doing again.
Even if you don't plan on doing it again, you should still do a UOA just to satisfy our hunger for knowledge on here! [Big Grin]
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