What replacement muffler should I put on my truck?

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Jun 25, 2002
southwest Mo.
My 98 reg cab long bed K3500 chevy truck with the 454 needs a new muffler. It still has the original muffler and exhaust system on it. I plan on reusing the tail pipe if possible since it is still in good shape. I want something that sounds good with a deep tone but not something too loud because I sometimes tow with this vehicle and don't want something that is going to give me a headache. Flowmaster actually has a cat-back system for this truck using a 50 series muffler but I don't know what it would sound like. What sounds good on a 454 powered truck? Thanks. Wayne
You may have trouble reusing that TP.Usually the factory butt welds the TP to the muffler,if you cut it,the size may be the same as the replacement muffler,and might butt heads.Then you need a connector and the troubles start.
As I just mentioned in another thread, I love the Dynomax Super Turbo muffler. It's free-flowing muffler (no chambers) but contains sound absorbing material so it's not as loud as most "performance mufflers". When looking at mufflers myself, I was looking for good flow w/o a lot of sound. And that's exactly what the Super Turbo muffler is all about. http://www.dynomax.com/mufflers.php?muffler=superturbo
Thrush, from advance, with coupon. If you hate it it was$18 worth finding out.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I will look at your suggestions. I don't want to go back with a stock muffler since I do want some sound. I may not be able to use the TP but if not, it is not that big of a deal. Thanks again. Wayne
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Magnaflow nice sound no drone may cost more but IMO it is the best-perfect for your big block.
I love Magnaflow but I think it may be too loud for the OP since he doesn't want a lot of sound. That's why I recommended the Dynomax Super Turbo. But I agree, Magnaflow would sure sound good on a big block.
adding one of these to the Mounty tomorrow. http://www.flopro.com/heavyduty.html ditched the third cat, upgraded to 2.5" piping, ditched the stock muffler and added a DynoMax Superturbo and it was too much for the wife. Gonna put the pro-flo in front of the superturbo. We'll see what happens...
Well, I ordered a Flowmaster Cat-back from Amazon that was actually the correct application for my truck setup(Reg cab/long bed) which the one I referenced to in my original post was not. I decided to go with the Flowmaster system because I was unsure from my research whether to go with a free flowing muffler which most of them have no back pressure or go with a chambered muffler which does retain some back pressure. Most of the info I found suggested that the engine needs some back pressure to not lose low end power. I want to keep most of the torque and power down low on this truck. Even though this system is not stainless, I bought the entire cat-back for only $40 more than I could have bought the Magnaflow muffler for. I guess I will see if I made the right choice. Wayne
I got the Flowmaster system installed today and I'm happy with the results. Not too loud but you know it it there. Here are some [censored] pics. I also installed a new Delco O2 sensor in one of the inlet pipes on the new muffler since you were supposed to use your old one but I knew it would be rusted in and I was right. We later tried taking the old sensor out with no luck. Muffler shop only charged me $60 to install the system. I might add that I must have gotten very lucky on the price of this system because it is now $285 on amazon instead of the $160 shipped that I paid on the 19th of this month. Wayne
stain less steel. and anti-seize compound on threads on the bottom, and in the pipe connection. most stainless bolts is a different alloy than the nuts, they will bind as they are put together.
I wouldn't put an expensive system on a 14 year old truck, but thats just me. I'd also consider how many miles are on the truck.
I plan on painting the welds. It rained all day today and the truck was all wet underneath and is why I didn't get a chance to do it yet. The truck only has 104,200 miles on it and spending $160 + $60 for the install is not very expensive in my opinion. The muffler needed to be replaced and all of the mufflers I could find for this truck were $120 or more so I considered $160 for the entire cat-back a deal. Wayne
I have a cat-back using a 50-series on my 5.3L truck and couldn't be happier with it as well. Nice tone but real quiet until you get on it.
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