What polish to use before waxing my cars?

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3M now owns Meguiars.

Lots of products do but they're harder to find as well.

No, he meant that literally as in they bought Meguiar's.
Why not just use a good cleaner wax? Duragloss 101 is an excellent product, and I just purchased a bottle of the Zaino All In One, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. If it's anything like any of the other Zaino products it'll be nothing short of amazing.
I used collinite fleet wax liquid on my g/f's car and was amazed by the results this weekend. 870 to be exact. The car is a white 2009 rabbit that was stained with black ash. I clayed the car and could not get the embedded ash off. I used the 870 and the everything came off. Amazing! I followed up with 476 detergent proof wax and the car looks better then when she picked up from the dealer. The 870 is clearcoat safe and I am sold!
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