What other oil besides Mobil 1?

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Mar 1, 2003
I'm finished with my second application of RX and will run Mobil 1 10W-30 in the next oil change. I would like to try Redline, Amsoil and Schaeffers to see which one will help the best in lowering the oil consumption of my 95 Toyota 4x4 22RE w/128,000 miles. It used around 1qt in 3,000 miles with regular Mobil Drive Clean 10W-30. Of the 3 oils I've mentioned, can anyone give me advice on which ones to try? (Redline ?),(Amsoil ?), (Schaeffers ?). Thanx, Rando
All 3 are good. You really just have to try them to see which works best in your engine. Amsoil works better in my car, as far as consumption goes. M1 10w-30 is good too. For the price I just bought M1 at, I'm going back to it. $18 for 5qts. NOAK's are very similar with all 3 oils, Redline, Amsoil and then Mobil in that particlular order. I'd try M1 again and see how that works. Also, Schaeffer's has shown to be as good or better then any of these oils. In fact it puts up better numbers at times then M1.

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Does Amsoil, and Schaeffers come in a 10W-30? I know Redline does. I will stay with Mobil 1 for awhile but also want to try the others.
I know Amsoil does bc I'm using it now. It's a very good oil from what others have said. I'm not sure about Redline though. Check out there webpage.

Originally posted by Rando:
Does Amsoil, and Schaeffers come in a 10W-30?

10w-30's by Schaeffer
blend: #703 SUPREME 7000 SAE 10W-30

I would try Redline right away. It is the most expensive but I doubt you will get anything less volitile then Redline. If redline does not take care of your oil consuption problem nothing will. If you start with 5 quarts of Amsoil depending on whick type you are looking at $5.50-$8.00 a quart with out the prefered customer account. Then you try Mobil 1 at $4.79 a quart at Walmart and it does not help. Then you try redline at $7.50. You have spent alot of cash trying to find the right oil. The two best oils that are easy to obtain and have proven to be execellent for vechiles known to consume are Redline and Amsoil. Redline is polyol based and Amsoil is PAO based so between the two you will pretty much cover the two prevailing chemistrys.Mobil-1 is basicly so similar to Amsoil but with cheaper additives that I doubt it would be worth the time to try if Amsoil does not work out for you. In the end all you will not go rong in terms of geting an oil that will protect you engine. Each brand is a bit better at something else then it's competitior.
Yes Amsoil makes a fully synthetic 10W-30. Code is ATM, so easy to remember.

Redline oil is too rich for my blood, and the full syn. Amsoil 10W and 5W - 30's are under $5/qt - of course I'm biased - but I have never used a less volatile oil.

BTW My Toyota truck has a 22RE - and I REALLY recommend the heavy duty 15W-40 Amsoil (AME).
Those are all good choices you made but I say to try Redline for two reasons. One, it would be nice to see more UOAs on Redline, and two, you can buy from our new possible sponsor to show them your support and help us gain their permanent business.
I recently switched from Mobil-1 to Amsoil 5W-30 in several of my cars. I have noticed a significant reduction in oil usage in my 350 Suburban. I was putting oil in at each fill-up with Mobil-1. None since Amsoil (knock on wood)
If you don't want M1, then I'd skip the Amsoil and use Redline assuming you can find it locally. I can get Redline 10W30 for $6.99/qt. Amsoil is $5.85/qt. but once you add shipping you end up at about the same price as Redline but it's not as good an oil.


Originally posted by Rando:
Does Amsoil, and Schaeffers come in a 10W-30? I know Redline does. I will stay with Mobil 1 for awhile but also want to try the others.

I'd run Schaeffer's straight 30 fully synthetic oil. You can get it in a 5 gallon bucket.

Before you jump on me about it being a straight weight oil, look at the specs. It has a viscosity index of 132. The Drive Clean 10w30 has a VI of 134.

Unless there is a major difference in the cP vs cSt viscosities, I'd feel save using the Scheaffer's in any climate where the 10w30 Drive Clean was being used.

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I really do appreciate all the input from you guys. Love to see what you use in your rigs and why. I orderd some Redline from this site last nite,10W30, and will try it first. Then I'll probably go with Mobil 1. 3qts. 10W30 and 1qt. 15W50. I want to see which one does the best in controlling the oil consumption. I will let you know how things work out. Again thanx!!! Rando
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