what oil?

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Jun 13, 2004
I have a 1996 Contour with a 116,000 miles. I have been using high mileage valvoline, but I was thinking of going over to mobil 1. Isthis a good idea?
If the motor is healthy it will not hurt a thing. But it has been abused and the oil not changed like it should be you might have some problems. A run with AutoRX or the Amsoil flush would help.
AutoRX would be a great way to clean it out for synthetic, but I would avoid using a solvent flush like the over the counter stuff and Amsoil's flush. The solvent flush may break loose some big chunks of sludge and lodge them in an oil galley. A solvent flush would be ok in a car with 30K miles or so, but in a car with 116K run on dino, I would stay away. Go for the gentle, methodical cleaning of the AutoRX. Much safer. I've used it in a high mileage, negelected car and low mileage maintained truck, both with good results.
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