What oil would win a torture test?

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May 24, 2005
Helena, AL
Not that any of us would try this but; what oil do you think would last the longest without being changed in a brand new car, say a Honda Accord. I want to know How many miles before the new Accord would lock up, and what oil. Also lets say the Accord will run none stop (highway) under normal temps until the lock up occurs. I'm sorry in advance for posting a question like this, but I'm interested to see what responses we'll get. For all the BITOG millionaires out there, feel free to try this at home.
I know of a 89 Chevy Nova aka Toyota Corolla being driven one year, 28000 miles with no oil change, the guy called me up to tell me engine won't start, red light on, go to his house and find treacle like substance inside his engine, flushed his engine and put fresh oil on it, the car ran for 80,000 more miles before he traded it in for a Mazda Protege'. My choice for the best oil for torture test would be any synthetic as well as HDEO like Delo 400 and Delvac MX, of the synthetics, I would say that Delvac-I and Delo Synth would do the best.
A PAO/Ester based, 12 TBN, heavy duty diesel oil. Something like the Amsoil Series 3000, Delvac 1, etc.... TS
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