What Oil Weight?

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A 5w30 is probably factory-specified. Assuming that, I'd go with a 0w30 or a 5w30. A synthetic such as Mobil1 or Made-in-Germany Castrol 0w30 are great if you put on lots of miles and want extended drains, but normally I'd go with a good conventional oil such as Pennzoil or Chevron/Texaco.
For the first step of AUTO RX I will start off with CLEAN Mobil 1 oil and filter (10w-30 since i will be doing this in the summer). Once I reach the "rinse step" I will use some DINO oil as recomended. Thanks
Auto-RX is supposed to be used, during the cleansing and rinse phases, with dino juice. Synths prevent the cleaning action from taking place.

Doesn't it say that on the webpage? Hm.

Regardless, most like to use a very good dino like Pennzoil or Chevron Supreme during the clean/rinses and then move to the full synth (M1 or GC) after the appropriate time.

I would 1. check/consult owner's manual 2. use what they use/recommend in Japan/Europe (non CAFE markets)
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