What oil to use in a 2012 Honda CR-V

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Aug 5, 2013
forest lake, mn
Greetings to all, I live in Forest Lake, MN. Recently bought a 2012 Honda CR-V from a local Honda dealer with 3500 miles. Had no reason to ask any questions about the oil this vehicle uses. At our first oil change interval, was told the 2012 CR-V uses 0W-20 motor oil. The Owners Manual confirms this - it specifies 0W-20 and that is what is on the fill cap under the hood. No other oil viscosities are offered to the owner by Honda. I am sixty years old and felt I knew a reasonable amount about engines, oil, etc. I maintain my cars really well and change oil & filter every 3,000 - 5000 miles. Our last two cars (2000 Nissan Maxima and 2004 Honda CR-V) both were sold with over 130,000 miles and absolutely no engine issues. Always used good quality conventional oil in both cars. So the new 2012 CR-V caught me by surprise. The Honda dealers sell a blended 0W-20 (p/n08798-9036) and I am sure that is what they use if you have the dealer service the vehicle. At this point in my life I prefer to have my oil changed by others. Here is where I need additional opinions: 1. Pros and cons to just using 5W-20 conventional motor oil in this automobile. 2. Do places like Jiffy Lube and Valvoline Instant Oil Change even sell blended 0W-20 or do they just offer full synthetic? 3. Would it make sense to buy my own Blended 0W-20 from Honda or another reputable brand and supply it to the shop that changes my oil? I will look forward to hearing from others more knowledgeable than I.
We have a 2012 CRV in the family and have used 5W20 dino (primarily Valvoline conventional) since new. Changed with filter every 5 thousand miles. Would suggest you do the same.
I assume this vehicle is still under warranty. If so, you're better off sticking with the Honda recommendations for viscosity and change intervals. After the warranty period is up, you have the flexibility to do whatever you please.
We have a '12 Honda CR-V, have 0W-20 Mobil 1 AFE now (first scheduled oil change) and PP 0W-20 on hand for next change. Going to see which one the car likes more and stick with that for the life. Stick with a 0w-20 at least til the warranty is up then use whatever you want. I also use OEM oil filter.
As others have said, stick with 0W-20 to keep your warranty intact and unquestioned. Since you 'prefer to have your oil changed by others', I'll throw this in: Even though the Honda 0W-20 is called a synthetic blend, pretty much everybody else in the automotive world thinks that 0W-20s are all full synthetic. So most places you go are going to charge you for a 'synthetic' oil change, which will easily double or triple your cost since they can't just dump bulk 5W-20 in the vehicle. Most places will charge you 'list' price on 0W-20 synthetic oil. Your best bet might be to buy your own 0W-20 and simply pay for the labor to have it changed. There are lots of good 0W-20s out there.
M1 or Pennzoil Platinum 0w20, whichever is cheaper at the time. Change it when the vehicle tells you to. If need be, supply it to the shop and just pay labor.
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