what oil should I use on my new Infiniti G35?

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Dec 11, 2003
San Francisco
I have a 2003 Infiniti G35,5speed Auto with 12,000 miles that sees a mix of highway and commute usually 10 miles each way. The weather in the San Francisco Bay area is moderate, and not too hot and not too cold. The owner's manual states that for severe driving, I should change oil every 3,750 miles and for all other types of driving change every 7,500 miles. My first oil change was at 7,200 miles(?break in oil) and my second at 12,000 miles. My dealer uses 5-30 Quaker State. Should I use synthetic and drain every 7,500 or dino and drain every 5,000? Am new to this forum and am really impressed with the knowledge you all have. Thanks in advance.
How long do you plan on owning this fine car? Just a three year lease?...use the cheapest oil you can find. Going to keep it for a very long time?...use a good synthetic @ 7500 mile oil drain interval. If your owner's manual allows, I prefer 10W-30 over 5W-30 in your moderate climate.

I would use a semi-synthetic unless price is no object. If synth is really what you want, German Castrol is nice as well as M1 0w-40 for 7500 mile changes. Actually, twice yearly changes up to 7500 miles each is easier, once at anual state inspection (if you have it) and again 6 months later. In the $2q range, Castrol Syntec Blend is a standout as well as the Pennzoil "SUV" formula with "Time Released Additives". Other grades of Mobil 1 are not worth the money if you can get the 0w-40 at the same price. Forget most 5w-30 dino oil, it is garbage. Since you can use 10w-30 do so, definately. Don't waste money on BS synths get GC or M1 0w-40, the cheaper $2 oils I mentioned are better than most other synths.
Well if all you are doing is looking for opinions,I'd give an HDMO 10W30 like Chevron's Delo 400 a try.
If that were my vehicle, I'd change the oil around the 3,500-4,000 mile mark, and up to 5,000 miles if long highway trips were in the usage mix.
Call me thick-headed, but I'd use a 15W40 from May to October.
I agree with Ken2; if it is a leased vehicle, the current oil is just fine. If you own the G35, I would go with a synthetic 5W30 (Amsoil) or 10w30 (Mobil1). Amsoil you would have to order online and costs more, while Mobil 1 is found everywhere and can be had for less then five bucks per quart. Just my two cents.

Thanks for the input. Just ordered a UOA kit from blackstone and will test it after 5K miles on my current fill and then will post the results then make my decision.
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