What oil should I use in the S-Type?

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Jul 18, 2002
I just bought a very clean '01 Jaguar S-Type 4.0L v-8 with sport package and navigation system as a suprise for my wife. It has 30K miles and is still under warranty. I was looking at the owners manual and it has a really confusing chart (must be the british english [Smile] ) that lists the following as acceptable oils: 0W30 5W30 0W40 5W40 must meet spec. ILSA GF-2 Then it says that 5W30 is preferred but 10W30 or 10W40 is acceptable in moderate to hot climates. Jag recommends oil changes every 10K (which is included in the warranty). The last owner had the oil changed every 5K. The dealer uses 5W30 dino oil. That seems like a long interval for 5W30 dino oil in a v-8. Looking at my current stash I'm considering one of the following for long term use: 0W30 Castrol GC 5W30, 10W30, 10W40 Chevron Supreme/Havoline 5W40 Mobil 1 Truck/SUV I'll probably do an AutoRx flush with Chevron and then start using one of the above. Any comments on what to use and tell me why you picked your choice. Any Jag experts out there?
After the Auto-RX I think I would go with 5W40. While my next experiment is a 0W30 oil 5W40 has already won my heart!! I think I would definately use either the 5W40 M1 or the 0W30 GC. I would leave the CHevron for shorter intervals!
Thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking along the same lines as both of you. My first two choices are the 0W30 and the 5W40. I know I can't go wrong with either one. The sump is 7 quarts so either of these oils would easily do 10K if I choose to go that route. Thanks again and keep the input coming. It is my wifes "dream car" so I couldn't pass it up.
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