WHat oil Should i use for...................

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Apr 13, 2003
I have 2 olsmobile auroras. 4.0L v-8 DOHC. ALways use synthetic. Would liek to know what oil to use in both. 1 is driven very short distances, one quite a bit more (mom works .8 km from homw, other one driven to school - 60k a day highway)... weather is warm now and i need to change. any reccommendations plz??????? thanxx [Canada]
Most any synthetic, like Mobil 1 or Amsoil should serve you well. Note that your mom's car should probably have its oil changed at the "severe service" interval. 0.8 km commutes are murder on the oil! The one that does 60km a day can probably use the longer "regular service" interval.
interesting, i would have thought the opposite. The low K car that drives .8 does run Real strong. I find it odd that when raced (lol) side by side the low k car easily pulls past the other... The higher mileage one does seem to eat some oil... im starting to get worried about it. I got Mobil 1 10w 40 since its warm nowadays. I change the oil/filter every 5-6k.
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