What oil should I use for my Subaru Impreza?

Hi there! Im new here, I am very fan of oil stuff and oil info, but I am new in the "car" world (I came from the motorbike world, where I already have many knowledge,,, but cars are too different!) well... I am on the everyones search: find the best oil for my car. I know that more "racing" oil doesn't mean better. I also know that its not recomendable to change manufacturer viscosity grade. 1. I have a Subaru Impreza WRX 2007: its a 4 flat cylinder (bóxer) turbo, awd, stock engine (240hp) with 94.000km 2. My owners manual says 5w30. The past car owner used cheap 5w30, but I am not that kind of user/driver and I do concern about oil, and I want to use the best one. It also says A1/A2/A3 ACEA it also says GF-3/GF-4 ILSAC it also says SM/SL API 3. I live in Madrid, Spain (Europe) ... winter is about -10 to 0 degrees and summer 20 to 45 degrees (yes, its that extreme) .... but I use to travel a lot to the Pyrinees (mountains between France and Spain) because I am ski instructor, so I use the car in snow conditions; up to -20 degrees or more. But in another hand, I also use the car to tow my motorbike in the summer season to go racing on circuits, that could mean 400km drive travel with 35/40 degrees outside towing a big sport motorbike with the AC on (big effort to the car) 4. I drive all ways, but to be more precise > 40% slow "engine-friendly" > 20% dynamic but "engine-friendly" (fast around the city, enjoying with friends and SubaruClub etc) > 20% long (+500km) highway trips at 140-160 km/h cruise > 20% hard sporty way twisty mountain roads I also can be in a high dense traffic Madrid city center (very rare but could happen) or as I told before; very cold snow circunstances. 5. My daily drive I don't really know because I used to go on bike everywhere ,,, but I guess it could be short trips (less than 50km) ... 50% city 50% highway .. 6. My car model its very known to have piston failure (very bad quality stock internals ... I have it stock, so it should be less proper to have any failure, but the typical known issue its there ... in the subaru forums use to say if the oil consume gets to higher, you should look your engine ... my Subaru does not consume a lot (1 litre in 6/7/8.000 km moreless ,, not very accurate sorry) ... also bearing rods are known to fail when lubrication its not good ... and its a car that is very critical to high engine temperature....... all this is the reason I want to use a very very good oil. My preferences are 100% synthethic, I am looking for Ester base, group V, not SM but yes SL API, high quality engine, not problem about the €€ cost, and want to change it every 10.000km as the manual says ,,, I dont want to up the viscosity ,,, I want to continue with 5w30.. i think the engine its young enough to still use what the manual says. As I said, I came from the motorbike world ... and I find that Castrol Motul, and many other "comercial" brands ... are very bad quality oils .... at least in bikes .... while brands like Motorex (swiss made), Silkolene, etc are very good. I use on my zx6r Kawasaki the 100% synth Silkolene oil, and its superb and I loved .... so I guess that the car oil brand behind Silkolene: FUCHS, will be also a very good brand/choice. I read about the Fuchs Supersyn longlife 5w30 .... but couldn't find too much information (viscosity on work temperature, TBN, base group etc etc) Also read about Liqui Moly is very good ... so does Valvoline .... Mobil 1, Redline and Royal Purple also know they are very good, but some Subaru owners claim some issues with these brands ... To finish ... I am looking for a Fuchs brand oil that fits all my car/use/drive description ... instead of that, what you think about Liqui Moly? ... which will be the model in Liqui Moly wich feats my needs? .. or, wich is the Liqui Moly model that is 3w50, ester base group V and SL api ? Instead of those oils, which ones more should I check or see? Thank you very much
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An xW40 from any of the brands you mentioned including Motul and Castrol. Also agree with the Total and Shell recommendation. I'd lean towards a 0W40 for year round use.
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I get 2 months of sub zero C mornings, I found 0w noticeable easier on the battery and would turn the engine over much easier than a 5w for winter starts. As mentioned look out for meeting some of the more robust standards such as Porsche A40 and/or MB 229.5. I suspect this will limit you to Xw40 oils. I would not worry about the brand too much as long as its a known reputable brand. One other oil to mention is Shell Helix Ultra 5w40, which seems to be close to a 0w40.